Technical Analysis boot camp program

Alis tools offers Summer Training On Technical Analysis boot camp program especially for the colleges students. Technical Analysis is a part of Stock Market. which is very useful for everyone who want to earn money is their spare time.. Technical Analysis is all about understanding the technical part of stock market.

Technical Analysis Summer Training boot camp program Schedules:
Alistools computer education : summer training 2012 Program
Technical Analysis Summer Training 2012 Schedule

I Batch  Summer Training:                      1st May to 15th June 2013
II Batch  Summer Training:                     16th May to 30th June 2013
III Batch  Summer Training:                    1st Jun to 15th July 2013
IV Batch  Summer Training:                   16th June to 30th July 2013
V Batch  Summer Training:                    1st July to 15th Aug 2013
VI Batch  Summer Training:                   16th Aug to 30th Sept. 2013

Technical Analysis boot camp program Module:

Technical Analysis boot camp program Fee: 8000/-(including Book, DVD, Registration, online exam, certification.)

Contact: Mr. Haider 9210640422, 011-22486966, Email-Id: