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what is PPC
PPC: Pay Per Click better known as PPC, is the course about making Advertising. alis tool is a PPC school where students can learn PPC and become certified PPC Professional. Certified PPC courses alis tools also offers online PPC course. after completing our course student can make their in career in the most booming industry. our certified Ppc course is specially designed for current market trends, training will be provide by the professional of Ppc. alis tools offers practical classes on Ppc live website. PPC is one of the best way to get the high quality targeted traffic on your website and boost your business. PPC is instant way to reach your targeted customers. Google ad words is one of the best PPC program, others are yahoo publish Network and MSN ad center but Google Ad words is the best and result oriented with high ROI. Learn the PPC and become a certified PPC Professional. we also teach the Google Ad words syllabus so one can easily clear the Ad words Exam after this course.

PPC Course Module
Chapter 1 - What is Pay Per Click Marketing
Chapter 2 - Set-up PPC Campaign
Chapter 3 - Research PPC Keywords
Chapter 4 - Create Ads for PPC Campaigns
Chapter 5 - Landing Page for PPC
Chapter 6 - Cost per mile
Chapter 7 - cost per action
Chapter 8 - cost per lead
Chapter 9 - Tracking Chapter 10 - Quality Score
Chapter 11 - Bid Management
Chapter 12 - competitor's Analysis for bidding
Chapter 13 - How to Increase conversion rates
Chapter 14 - Keywords Performance Reports
Chapter 15 - Campaign Performance Reports
Chapter 16 - face book Advertising Marketing
Chapter 17 - Yahoo Search Marketing
Chapter 18 - Projects

PPC training course
PPC classes are available in weekdays as well as weekends. PPC training is all about Google adwords . students can go for PPC course online and get the PPC training

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