Learn Ethical hacking Course

what is ethical hacking
ethical hacking: ethical hacking is the course about information security, cyber security, computer security and network security. In today scenario it is compulsory to secure your digital assets. Alis tool is a ethical hacking school where students can learn ethical hacking and become certified ethical hacker white hat).

Certified ethical hacking course
ethical hacking courses includes penetration testing. Using ethical hacking tricks and ethical hacking tools you can learn how to hack a computer and how to prevent it from being hack. ethical hacker is the person who provide computer security using white hat ethical hacking techniques. alis tools also offers online ethical hacking course includes network security training, pen testing, after completing our course students can go for CEH certification and easily clear CEH exam. our certified ethical hacking course is specially designed for computer security training and information security training. alis tools also offers practical classes on ethical hacking software

Ethical hacking Course Module
Chapter 1 - Introduction To Networking
Chapter 2 - History of Hacking
Chapter 3 - Using Google for Hacking
Chapter 4 - Foot Printing
Chapter 5 - Scanning Ports
Chapter 6 - Windows Hacking Tricks
Chapter 7 - Linux Hacking Tricks
Chapter 8 - Email Hacking
Chapter 9 - Trojans Virus & Worms
Chapter 10 - Denial of Services (Dos attack)
Chapter 11 - Sniffing on LAN
Chapter 12 - Stagnography
Chapter 13 - Social Engineering
Chapter 14 - Physical Security
Chapter 15 - Cryptography
Chapter 16 - SQL Injection
Chapter 17 - Reverse Engineering
Chapter 18 - Firewall & Honey pots
Job Opportunities
* security expert
* network security expert
* penetration tester
* software testing
* it security consultant
* information security consultant

ethical hacking classes are available in weekdays as well as weekends. ethical hacker training is all about IT security. students can also go for ethical hacking course online and get the ethical hacking training

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